Welcome to Membership Class also known as RISEN LIFE Foundation Class (RLFC). This is the first level in our 5-level Assimilation Structure known as RISEN LIFE Academy (RLA).

THE PURPOSE Membership class:

  • To impart you with some basic truths pertaining salvation in Christ Jesus.
  • To explain what a church means and what it means to be a member of a church.
  • To help you attain membership status in RISEN LIFE MISSION.

THE CLASSES: the membership class is made up of 8 classes from MHFC 101 – 108

THE DURATION: the classes will run for 4 consecutive weeks with 2 classes being taken per session on Saturdays from _____ am to _____ am or on Sundays 11:30am to 1:30pm.

SPECIAL CLASSES: We also have special classes (subject to the approval of the pastor) that holds early on Sunday mornings, weekdays or online. Please note that the applicant does not determine the mode of the class. The mode of the classes will be determined by the academy upon careful consideration of the circumstances of the applicant.

THE MODE: Online & offline


  • Attendance & participation in all classes
  • Punctualityin all classes (no lateness)
  • Participation and completion of Continuous assessment projects (30 % of total marks)
  • Writing and passing of graduating test
  • Evidence of attendance/participation in church services during the course duration.
  • Filling of membership pledge and form
  • Observed all vital ethics and protocol


WHAT NEXT: after graduation you are expected to join a department and become an active worker. Proceed to the 2nd level of the academy, the Maturity Class (RLMC) to further your integration into the life and ministries of Risen Life Mission.


N.B: – This is to be used by the Assimilation Department to motivate First timers, New comers and fresh students


The course list is given below:

RLFC 101

RLFC 102

RLFC 103

RLFC 104

RLFC 105

RLFC 106

RLFC 107

RLFC 108