Live for Purpose Not for Pleasure

Life is not about eating, drinking, luxury or merrying. Life is about purpose. Hence we must live for purpose. Phi 1:20. We are in a new year for more work. Have you found yourself in God’s work? Are you fulfilling God’s agenda? The singular question in the hearts of many is WHAT IS MY PURPOSE? Gal 2:20

Nobody outside Christ has purpose. The life I once had that can have dreams, ambitions, desires is dead. A dead man cannot have purpose because he’s dead. 2 Cor 5:15. When Christ died, I died. Therefore I cannot have my own purpose. The singular purpose a believer lives for is Christ, we don’t live unto ourselves. Phil 1:20

If Christ is now my life, he’s now my purpose. If you understand this, people’s achievements will not threaten you. God’s purpose is that all things be found in CHRIST. Legally speaking ; by the sacrifice of Jesus (the finished work of Christ) all things have been reconciled to him but vitally, this is not yet accomplished. Christ is still @ work through us. Our singular purpose is that all men be saved and come to the singular knowledge of the truth. 2 cor 5:19.

The message of reconciliation has been committed to us. We have been sent to reconcile the world. We have been given a work, a responsibility to go out and let the world know that all things have been reconciled to God. 1 pet 4:2. By this!  We are all ministers of the new covenant. Being an engineer, a medical doctor  or a fashion designer are platforms on which you can express Christ. It’s a platform you express purpose. Jesus had to use peters boat. We use our profession to minister Jesus.  Anyone outside Christ does not have purpose. Our charity works outside Christ does not save souls, therefore it has no reward in heaven.

You cannot be IN-CHRIST and derive satisfaction outside Christ. I’ll bring this closer to us by using marital choices as an illustration. When it comes to choosing who to marry, most Christian sisters marry for comfort, pleasure and not purpose. That a brother goes to church does not confirm hat he’s a believer. He must have the signs that follows a believer. 1 cor 7:39 – “In the lord”. Does your purpose tally? Unfortunately, the Church is deceived by materialism. Has he been recreated? Has he received Christ? Does he have the knowledge of the truth? Numbers 36:6, 1 Cor 5:11-13, Rom 16;17-18.

Avoid people who are not of the same doctrine. If you people are opposite each other in doctrine what will bring sweetness? We serve the Lord’s purpose even in marriage. Rev 4:11, Eph1:10, Col 1:9-11. When you are found in this purpose, you are secured. Col 3:1, John 4:34, John 17:4.

There must be a finishing for every Man with purpose. Jesus finished his and declared it; I must finish mine. John 19:28, 2 Tim 4:6-8. And the beauty is that; Its in us to know when we are accomplished. Just like Apostles Paul and Peter. 2 pet 1:13-14.